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Toy Industry goes Crypto

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company to be First in Toys to
accept Cryptocurrency!

It is a Tik Tok, doing it for the “Gram”, pay the easiest way generation, and Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is taking steps to move into the Cryptocurrency galaxy with the rest of the world!

Starting on June 18, 2021, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company began to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. What is significant about this, you ask? No other toy company in the
industry is doing it.

Not only does Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company want to make quality toys and get them into the hands of children, but to be leaders of the industry while doing so. For Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, this means being ahead of the rest. The toy company believes that acclimating to the sensation that is cryptocurrency will take them to the next level with their customers.

David Socha, founder of the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company said, “We are always trying to lead the way in our category, and we wanted to make it easier for our customers.”

Based in southern California, the 26-year-old Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company prides itself on the mastery of creating wholesome toys with incredible quality. You will find them on the shelves of most of your big box stores, including Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco. But you can also find pieces on that you cannot find in stores. This is where cryptocurrency will be utilized to the fullest.

As the popularity and demand for digital alternatives grow, “Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company wants their customer to be able to transfer assets online, without the necessity of banks,” says Jamie Emmick, Director of Special Marketing. “At, you can create your own design, order it in mass quantities, and pay in crypto!” The wide variety
of products that can be made or supplied, then purchased with cryptocurrency is endless for Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

“Crypto takes out the middle-man. The whole purpose is efficiency and safety. These are two things we strive to achieve”-Socha. So, while other companies are fighting to keep up, Socha is choosing to take his company farther, “Crypto and the blockchain are the future!”

John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital
Receives a Squeezamal Donation!

By: Tysha Brown

The sun was already high in the clouds on August 3rd when the team from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company loaded their truck with around 1000 toys to donate to John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital. The Director of Special Markets for the toy company, Jamie Emmick, had been approached and asked if Beverly Hills Teddy Bear had anything they would be able to give to the radiology department, that the hospital was running short on toys.

“I have two boys of my own. I could never imagine being in those parent’s situations. If we can spread a little bit of love, laughter, and hope, I’m all for it”- Jamie Emmick.

They were met at the entrance with a gurney, not for a sick child or expectant mother, but for the ten boxes of Squeezamals carried within. Squeezamals are small character balls, filled with memory foam, and covered in super soft plush. The toys can be cuddled and squished; and because of the memory foam design, they come back to life quickly, making them a perfect
stress type ball. 

“Our patients love the ‘stuffies’,” says Sue Mirabella, Entertainer/Donation Coordinator at Oishei. A previous donation of the Squeezamals was used as a token to the children completing a radiation treatment, an obviously stressful situation.

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is recognized as
being a generous company. The owner of the company, David Socha, recently made the rounds, delivering toys to children displaced at the US borders. He and many employees of the company are natives to the Western New York area and,
“Even through a rough past year and a half of retail sales, we still have the ability to give back. So, that’s exactly what we wanted to do!” says Emmick.

John R. Oishei hospital is near and dear to the hearts of those in area. They welcome and, at times, rely on the additional support the community is willing to give. “We are a part of the Western New York family. It’s important that we take care of our future generation, both medically and emotionally”- Kerri Buyers, a Project Manager with Custom Plush, a division of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

It may be Summer now, but Buffalonians know, the snow will pile and holidays will be rolling around before we know it. Hospitals do not sleep and Oishei is no different. “On Christmas Eve, Santa delivers sacks of donated toys to every hospitalized patient. We love to see the look on the patients’ faces as they open their gifts!”-says an Oishei representative. Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company’s hope is that this will inspire other companies and individuals to find it in their hearts to help the hospital, no matter the season!

Although Oishei hospital can accept new, packaged, toys for patients of all ages, they are unable to accept gently used toys and books, along with knit and crocheted items. A representative from Oishei reports, “We have the greatest need for infant and teen items.” For more information about needed items, contributors can go to and search for John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital-Child Life. They can then reach out to the Child Life Office at 716-323-1520!