The ORIGINAL blind-packed ball plush!

Launched in 2016, this evergreen brand is now in its 15th Series! The brand is seeing a huge resurgence, with social media influence being attributed to renewed interest with unboxings, kidults, and collectors alike! There are tens of thousands of unboxing videos with over 116 million views on YouTube alone. Today, Surprizamals has sold over 25 million units worldwide.

  • Core series of Surprizamals include a single adorable stuffed animal, while with the Mama & Baby series’, you can get a slightly larger Mama with her baby!
  • During the holidays, you might even find a Giant Mama, not in a blind-pack, but she comes with three blind-packed babies in varying colors!
  • There are Valentines, Easter, and Holiday series. Surprizamals is constantly updating with new characters and trend forward animals.
  • Surprizamals added a Food Series to its lineup in 2022!

The craze for collecting mystery packed toys won’t stop

Their surprise element sparks a child’s imagination. The rest of the world doesn’t matter when a Surprizamal is revealed, and the mind can run wild creating new worlds for that toy!