The first, and original squishable, squeezable, slow-rise foam stuffed animals!

Squeezamals are a sensory plush toy that includes stimulation elements like bright, contrasting colors and different textures. They are designed to help customers develop their senses in a safe and natural environment, using play.

With over 10 million pieces sold worldwide, and now in its fifth core series, Squeezamals has proven its longevity and stability in the toy industry.

  • Fidget toys like Squeezamals help to reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention while used when learning. They help to keep the brain focused while the hands are busy.

  • Squeezamals are also sweetly scented! We have found that scents are important for stimulating memories, introducing children to new smells, and being able to distinguish different smells. This introductory learning can aid in identifying foods and flowers, or in alerting to danger, like a fire.

  • Squeezamals is designed in multiple shapes, sizes, and playset options! They started as a 3.5-inch ball shape, a perfect size for a stress squeeze! But Squeezamals have evolved to an 8-inch egg shape, micros, 3Deez- our 3-dimensional stuffed animals, as well as food.

A Growing Brand, a Winning Combination

The Squeezamals Picnic Pack has been a bestseller in multiple markets, including consistently have an average 5-star review on Amazon. The multi-piece playsets are wildly popular and include everything from a Vending Machine with 12 ball shapes of varying sizes to a Plush Midwest Burger Style set where you can build your own happy burger!

The best part about Squeezamals? It makes people happy and excited! There are hundreds of Squeezamals to collect and more to come, the collectibility is endless!