The Original Silk Stuffed Animals

These plush sensation are crafted from silky-smooth material that children can’t resist touching, these cuddly companions offer an unparalleled sensory experience.

  • What sets Silkies apart is their unique ability to stay cool, even in warmer environments, ensuring comfort during all seasons. But it’s not just about the feel.
  • Silkies are also trendsetters with their vibrant and sharp colorful prints, making them an instant hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Choose from three convenient sizes – 5-inch, 10-inch, or the versatile 12-inch Pillow Pets, perfect for travel and naptime companions!

A Booming Trend

Silkies is a part of a booming trend that saw over 100 million Silk products sold in 2021, spanning bedding, clothing, and accessories. And now, Silkies proudly takes its place as the FIRST of its KIND in PLUSH!

Join the plush revolution and experience the unparalleled comfort and style that Silkies brings to the world of stuffed animals.