Night Buddies

Night Buddies

Soft Toy and Night Light in One!

NightBuddies is an award-winning nightlight collection with magical eye illumination to help make bedtime calmer and brighter with the toy’s soft, light-up eyes.

Children, everywhere, deserve the fundamental right to a good night’s sleep–the chance to feel safe, secure, and refreshed. Because when a child wakes up in a smooth state, their natural charisma and creativity spills into opportunity.

  • Child-activated illumination – helps create self-esteem and confidence for children to be independent in their own beds. The only nightlight that is child activated to build self-esteem and comfort. We bring joy to their souls, peace to their minds and love to their hearts.
  • Made of ALL SOFT materials – offers gentle sensory experience that provides comfort and companionship, while providing more anxiety-free nights and, in turn, better sleep.
  • Patented – NightBuddies holds 2 utility patents and is a registered trademark.

The World’s Best Sleep Aid for Toddlers

NightBuddies are award-winning, consciously created, and ideal for helping young children sleep and grow better. We create a proprietary plush toy that aids children’s development at the forefront of the toy market. Wonderful add-on products are available now.

  • Child Activated Light Up Eyes!
  • Doctor-Recommended!
  • Award Winning!
  • Consciously created soft toy and night light in one!
  • Ideal for helping young children sleep and GROW!