The sizzling sensation that’s about to spice up your life!

Inspired by the legendary Scoville Scale of spiciness, these adorable plush peppers range from a mild 0 to a scorching 2.2 million on the heat scale, offering a thrilling surprise with every squeeze.

  • For those who crave an extra dash of excitement, our 3.5-inch Fuegos come as Blind-Packed Mystery Peppers. It’s a spicy mystery waiting to be unraveled—how hot will you get?
  • Fuegos are also available in two larger sizes: a 7-inch assortment for those seeking a moderate heat experience and a snuggly 14-inch Pillow Pepper for those who want to cuddle up with the spiciest plush companion.
  • For the ultimate fiery indulgence, you can supercharge your Fuegos with microwavable beans! Heat things up even more and customize your Fuegos experience.