Eyes that “Shake & Sparkle” meets pure enchantment!

These patent-pending eyewear creations bring the magic of snow globe glitter to life, complete with empowering quotes hidden within each endearing character’s heart feature.

  • Reversible Glittery Eyes: Unleash double the charm! With a simple flip, watch the glitter in their eyes shimmer and transform, adding a delightful touch of magic to playtime.
  • EyeLuvs offer endless play without the need for batteries or screen time. It’s pure, unadulterated glitter magic fun that keeps kids engaged and entertained, providing parents with a moment of peace and children with endless joy.
  • EyeLuvs come in two convenient sizes, making them perfect for every occasion.
  • For those who seek the thrill of collectability, we offer trend and seasonal assortments that add a touch of magic to your shelves. EyeLuvs aren’t just toys; they’re treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Suitable for ALL ages, 0-99! From baby showers, to holiday get togethers- everyone can join in the fun!

The Magic of the Sparkle

Parents, rejoice! EyeLuvs offer endless, battery-free play, and with various sizes and collectible assortments, they’re the perfect blend of style and joy. Let your life Shake & Sparkle with EyeLuvs today!