Eenie Teenies

Eenie Teenies

An extension of the Squeezamals brand – the first, and original squishable, squeezable, slow-rise foam stuffed animals!

The same fantastic quality paired with the adorable miniature characters from the Eenie Teenies collection!

  • Eenie Teenies are small sensory toys, designed to stimulate the senses – sight, touch, and smell.
  • They are mini mystery, blind-packed collectibles outfitted with a variety of colorful materials; the collection provides several textures that help children engage with the environment in new way.
  • They are filled with high quality slow-rise memory foam that can help calm and ease anxiety when in stressful situations.
  • Eenie Teenies are also sweetly scented! Associating a small with a special scented toy can be reassuring and comforting.

A Powerful Punch in a Teenie Package

Eenie Teenies are not only incredibly cute, but they are also strategically priced at a fantastic entry point for someone new to engage in the brand. Never sold as single units before, the $2.99 price point is a sweet spot for inflation burdened parents.

And with over 100 characters to collect in 2023, in the first two core series’, multiple seasonal sets, and a specialty food series, the brand is poised for maximum collectability.