Color Genie

Color Genie


This interactive and innovative plush is the best DIY creations – that keeps on giving! Dive into a world of endless fun as you and your little one unleash your creativity, painting and repainting to your heart’s content. There are no limits when imagination runs wild!

  • A COMPLETE DIY KIT: The kit even includes stencils to drive the imagination and a guide to create your own stencils!
  • PAINT YOUR OWN STORIES: Immerse yourself in the joy of crafting as you create unique designs and stories with each new stuffed masterpiece that you’re satisfied with.
  • RE-DO’S ARE WELCOME: If you want to do it all over again, just wash and repeat for limitless artistic possibilities!!

  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: It’s guaranteed to be fun for nearly all ages, starting from 3 and up.
  • FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: It’s an unique gift idea for kiddie’s birthdays, outdoor fun, or quality creative bonding time with your loved ones.

Product Features

  • 1 precious bear plush ready to be painted
  • Airbrush pen with 12 markers
  • Stencils for designing and a DIY Stencil Guide.
  • Safe non-toxic materials